Is a person who travels to another city by car, train or airplane and is willing to take a parcel. Zhiber does not limit the number of delivered parcels and the amount of reward.

Traveler gets an opportunity to earn extra money in the trip, regardless the transport type.

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How Zhiber works?

Zhiber helps to send documents and parcels with the travelers

Fast, easy and trustworthy.

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Why is it profitable
to be a traveler?

Since it is along the way, there is a possibility
make money on the trip and do a good deed. For example, you take one or two parcels and earn money on taxi to the airport, starting from the third parcel you will partially recoup the cost of the ticket.

More about Zhiber

How it works?

  • 01 Fill in information
    about your travel
  • 02 Wait for senders
  • 03 Discuss
    the details
  • 04 Deliver parcels and
    receive money

Our terms

Information about new responces will be sent to an e-mail

You should discuss delivery price with the sender. Zhiber does not set prices. You can read our recommendations. Be sure to get rewarded: The "secure payment" method will allow you to protect yourself.

In order to improve the quality of our service, Zhiber charges a commission from the traveler with the amount of 20%.


Here are the answers to frequently asked questions from our users. Please read them. In case you don't find an answer to your question, please contact us.

How much will I earn?

Zhiber gives an opportunity for the sender and the traveler to set the cost themselves, depending on the type of shipment and delivery conditions. Discuss the price of delivery with the sender personally. The more packages you take, the greater is your reward.

What is Zhiber's commission?

Zhiber's commission is 20% of the traveler's reward. This fee helps us to improve the service and expand its geography. You can check the amount of earnings and withdraw money at any moment in the "Finance" section.

What is "secure payment"?

"Secure Payment" guarantees the traveler to receive money after delivery is completed. This method is intended in order to protect the traveler

Is it secure?

In order to prevent theft or damage of the parcel and security matters, each user must go through identity verification by filling out a questionnaire.

Thus, the sender can be sure of their parcel's safety, and the traveler will be sure in the absence of prohibited items. We also highly recommend checking contents of dispatched and delivered parcels.

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