to Zhiber!

Sometimes our personal problems are the impetus for moving forward. The same thing happened to us. We often faced situations when you need to urgently send work documents or parcels to your family.

We usually looked for acquaintances or drove right away to the train station or to the airport. Noticing the great demand and problems with shipping, Zhiber's idea was born.

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New word in the delivery world

Various crowdfunding platforms, car sharings and crowdshipping services
are spread all over the world.

They gained their popularity because they represent modern, and most importantly, environmentally friendly solutions that simplify our lives. Our big goal is to show the whole world the benefits of sharing economy services.

“Leveraging the power of the shared economy and digital, Zhiber will forever change customers' perception of sending and delivering parcels“
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Your trust and safety
is our priority

We help to deliver parcels with travelers
from July 2020 to this day, and we have been taking care of your safety.

In order for each user to be comfortable,
we have implemented mandatory identity verification. Thus, senders and travelers can be confident in their in other party and protect themselves from scam and fraud. There is also an option to insure parcel.

We have developed a list of Zhiber golden rules

Compliance with these rules will help you to send or deliver a parcel without any problems

Rule Image Respect each
Rule Image Check contents
of the parcels
Rule Image Discuss all
the details
Rule Image Answer
Rule Image Fullfill
the agreements

Nice to meet you!

Our company is opened for interesting offers and partnerships.

Contact us at info@zhiber.kz

Best regards, Team Zhiber

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